The ceaseless ticking of the clocks reminds us of the relentless marching of time, converting minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and months, since the gloomy day that had robbed the sun from the sky of Valliammal. As we stumble through the darkness caused by the cruel loss of our Founder, our hearts recalls with pain of our Founder’s immense Love, Compassion and Faith in God.

Our Founder (Late) Thiru. A. M. Paramasivanandam had always been a dedicated Educationist. He came to Chennai as a young visionary, dedicated to the mission of teaching. His great faith in God, like that of Abraham made the impossible, possible. The tiny seed sown in Anna Nagar in the 60’s took route and spread it’s foliage far and wide as the zealous person nurtured it with his toil and watered it with his tears.

Today, though his physical presence is no longer with us, the light of love lit by his loving hands keeps burning brightly in our hearts. His words of advice, admonition and appreciation keep ringing in our ears, ascertaining that we follow his foot prints, left in the Sans of Time. His life has indeed been a beacon light guiding everyone. His very life has been a message to the youth inspiring and challenging. He has been an example, a Role Model to the youngsters, especially to the student community to emulate his qualities and follow his footsteps towards a better life and better tomorrow. In short, our Founder was a living legend, standing as a testimony to the word of god that says,

“He shall be like a tree planted
by the rivers of water,
that brings forth it’s fruit
it’s season and whose life also
shall not wither, and whatsoever
he does shall prosper’’

May we continue to strive for the welfare of the student community and may we join our hands to take up the challenge and commit our hearts with true dedication for the cause of Education.