Valliammal Matriculation School was established in 1968 under the Valliammal Educational Trust. The mission of the school was to provide students in the Treasure valley with a quality, independent education that focused on engaging and active learning, a commitment to the environment and dedication to the school and local communities, Located in AnnanagarValliammal opened it’s class with 5 students.


The aim of education is the turning of an inner eye towards light-
Our Late Founder ShriA.M.Paramasivanandam, was born on 5-7-1913 in Walajabad, Kanchipuram district. During the year 1900 Smt.Valliammal mother of our Late Founder was born. She declicated her life towards her only son.Sri.A.M.Paramasivanandam. She was focused and determined in bringing him.

The multifaceted, magnificent Valliammal Trust was founded in 1968 by our Founder. He was an eminent Educationist, Philanthropist and a Profile writer, imparting quality education to all the students.
He was a Great writer: He wrote a poem உள்ளம் – வெள்ளம் விடு தூது
in the year 1939.


He was an Enthusiastic Learner: In the ear 1944, he joined Pachiappa’s College and retired from service in the year 1976.

“Education is not a part of life, it is the Life itself”.

RED LETER DAY OF VALLIAMMAL:-Shri.A.M.Paramasivanandam our late Founder constituted a registered body Valliammal Higher Secondary school committee under the societies Act of 1860 on 21-11-71. Initially the school was affiliated to CBSE BOARD 28-6-1968 was indeed a RED LETTER DAY, in our calendar as we saw the Valliammal Educational Trust Inauguration. Today it has grown to 3 Institutions with more than 4500 students and 300 staff making a remarkable difference in the lives of students who entered its Portals.

OUR VISION: “Where there is vision, people are in great advancement and everything shall be achieved”. The aim of the Trust is to impart education by inculcating a sense of discipline and devotion to intellectual pursuit.


(1) Promote staff and student welfare
(2) Achieve Academic perfection
(3) Lend a helping hand to the needy and deserving children.
(4) Encourage children in extra-curricular activities
(5) Plan and conduct projects for ensuring health and hygiene.

FOND MEMORIES: A leader is a person who always inspires his members. The same way, our Founder inspired each and every soul of this Institution with his successful Endeavour’s. Affectionately called as ‘AYYA’ he is a true role model for the Valliammallians.

“Though made weak by time and fate

To strive, to see, to find and not to yield.”

Let his words fill our memory, rule our heart and guide our feet.

DOWNTHE MEMORY LANE: The Primary school started functioning with a skeleton staff of 5 teachers and a meagre strength of six children. The number of children increased to 40 in the succeeding years.
In 1976 ValliammalSchool was granted affiliation for classes up to XI. Two new buildings were put up for pre-primary and primary sections with an auditorium in the centre. The school which was initially introduced to CBSE later was changed to Matriculation stream due to the demand of the people. So in the year 1984, the Trust sparked out with the setting up of Valliammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School and Valliammal Women’s College in 1987. Our Institution is on its March to create a modern society with unbounded energy and enthusiasm. Befitting his own philosophy of life he gave the motto, “Wisdom is better than Rubies to the school and Prayer brings victory to our Life.”

Manuscript of our Late Founder the great soul of our Late Founder Shri.A.M.Paramasivanandam, though bereaved us, we still maintain his mission, Let us share his last and Golden writings.

FUTURISTS OF VALLIAMMAL: After the departure of our Late Founder Shri.A.M.Paramasivanandam to heavenly abode his son Thiru. A.P.Maikandan took up the responsibility for his Father’s Mission. His assertive communication and authoritative decisiveness made him virtually as a king of a kingdom called the V.M.H.S.S and took the position of Chairman. Our Late Founder’s grandson, beloved Mr.A.M.ARIVUDAINAMBI shouldered the responsibility of being a Correspondent who always lives in awareness of our thoughts, expands positivity and diminishes negativity. In the ultimate analysis, it is the value that stands one in good stead through one’s life. Through these years, their invaluable legacy has blossomed and fructified. Today as the school celebrates its’ 50th Golden Jubliee Annual Day, the laurels and achievements accumulated by the students in the academics, cultural, sports and Games at State, National and International levels speak for themselves in its essence and equality.

The efficient and far-sighted Management, assisted by Principals’ and a team of qualified and dedicated faculty members is the formulae for the success of these Institutions.

While we relish our past glory and revel in our achievements, let us rededicate ourselves to our primary objective to “Educate & Sparkle”.