Science Association

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving” 30.07.2014, was devoted to the inaugural function of various Associations. Mr. R.V. Ramani, Director of Kiran Global Chemicals Ltd. from M.S. Jain Group spoke on the benefit of association. He said “The Association gives the children space to grow and excel. It develops the creativity in individuals so as to empower them to maximize their potential in their lives.” A Scientist is motivated primarily by curiosity and desire for truth. Our Valliammal Students are motivated by various Associations conducted during the Academic year. The inauguration of Science Association was held on 4th August 2014 in our school auditorium. Dr. Uthra H.O.D Vaishnav College was the Chief Guest of the day. Students from class I to XII actively took part in various activities like surface tension, density tower and slide shows on pollution, Deforestation and impacts of pollution was also shown.

Quiz was also conducted in between each program in which students also participated and won prizes Primary students gave demonstration on uses of plants. Students of Std IX exhibited a Power Point Presentation on ‘Enemies of House’ Students of VIII std gave

 idea on how Junk Food affects our health, X students on Nature, XI students did a Power Point Presentation on virtual reality, and stem cells. Students also participated in the exhibition conducted by various schools. We are proud of M. Madhav VIII A who clinched the 130th place in the Unified Cyber Olympiad. The Chief Guest appreciated the programmes and gave a brief idea on ‘Carbon Foot Print’. She explained how pollution can be controlled by three ‘R’s. (Reduce, reuse and Recycle). In future we are planning to organize Science Exhibition, Slogan Writing, Poster exhibition, Science Quizes, Study tours, Seminars and Debate.


English Association

The Association’s main mission was to stress the importnace of the English Language to each and every student and make them to take part in various activities and exhibit their talents. The Association is a Forum, where students are exposed to the main concerns of the Literary Art to stimulate their receptivity and creativity. In pursuit to this aim, number of activities was organized in the year 2014-15. The inaugural function of the Literary Association was held on 28.07.2014, Smt M. Bhuvaneshwari was the chief guest of our Association and gave an excellent speech on English and stressed the importance of Extra Curricular activities.

Our students were inspired to participate in the Literary activities like writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles etc…, they were also encouraged to participate in various inter school competitions to exhibit their skills. As a team we took a great part in improving the Hand Writing skills for all classes by conducting various Hand Writing Programmes for the students and even for the Teachers, and it has turned out to be successful. Essay writing and Oratorical competitions were conducted for the Higher Secondary students to improve their speech and writing skills. ‘’Education is the most powerful Weapon, which one can use to change the world’’.


Maths Association

Maths Association meet was organized on 14th of August. Mr. N. Ashok Kumar, P.G.T in Maths from SMJ Vaishnav M.H.S.S was the Chief Guest. Our Primary students explained about the concept of arranging numbers in ascending and descending order and exhibited their talents in explaining the Chinese Multiplication which was totally different from Indian Multiplication. Our High School students enacted a skit which proved the importance of fundamental Maths in day-to-day life. A Power Point Presentation was given by the Higher Secondary Students with lots of information about Vedic Maths. Towards the end there was a sizzling Quiz Programme which was appreciated by the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest blessed and advised all the students to develop self- confidence and insisted to have more writing practice.


Arts Association

“Art is the Master piece of Life’’. We conducted the Arts Association on 24.07.2014 and the Chief Guest Mrs. Sumathi Narayanan… inaugurated the Association. All the students exhibited their talents. Our VIII std. students exhibited a model of Tsunami to the audience. The cultural programme like miming, dance and music was a treat to the ears and vision. The Chief Guest appreciated the studemt’s inherent talents. The Competitions included, Drawing, glass painting, adzap, Power Point presentation, Face Painting, jewellery making and cookery.

In connection with the children’s day celebration the competitions like Drawing, glass painting, adzap, Power Point presentation, Face Painting, jewellery making and cookery were conducted.